Please find below a motion on Gaza from South Yorkshire TUC, to adapt to your own local requirements.

This Regional TUC AGM notes:

This Yorkshire TUC AGM believes South Africa is right to
charge Israel with genocide, and the International Court
of Justice has effectively ordered Israel to stop the mass
destruction of Gaza. Over 1.9 million people have been
forced out of their homes and more than 23,000 people
in Gaza have been murdered by the Israeli apartheid
state. More than 300 Palestinians have been killed in the
illegally occupied West Bank.

This AGM condemn the UK government’s support for
Israel. Further believes the US and UK bombings on
Yemen and the raids and assassinations in Syria and
Lebanon by Israel which threaten a wider war and more
horrific slaughter.

This AGM stands in solidarity with the Palestinian people,
salutes trade unionists and all those calling for freedom
for Palestine on the huge protests in Britain and across
the world, and applauds those calling for an immediate

This AGM further notes the call made by Palestinian
trade unions including the Palestinian General Federation
of Trade Unions for global trade union action to halt the
supply of arms to Israel.

This Regional TUC AGM calls for:

1. An end to the Israeli terror and assault on Gaza and an
immediate ceasefire.

2. End of British arms sales to Israel.

3. Support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions
movement against Israeli apartheid.

4. Support Palestinian protests, walkouts, demonstrations
and workplace activities

5.Support for Palestinian trade unions

This Regional TUC AGM resolves:

1.To affiliate to Palestine Solidarity Campaign, including
local coalitions such as that set up in Sheffield, and to
donate £500 to Medical aid for Palestine.

2. To support, facilitate and aid any and all attempts by
workers and trade unions to organise to prevent the
manufacture and transportation of arms to Israel.