Did you know that major UK banks and pension funds have invested £32 billion in companies producing nuclear weapons? That your money could be going towards making these weapons of mass destruction? Find out more in Don’t Bank on the Bomb’s most recent report.

AGMs (Annual General Meetings) of these companies are currently taking place and CND – alongside other organisations as part of the Investing in Change network – has been challenging companies on their nuclear investment. We’ve already focused on NatWest, HSBC, Barclays, People’s Pension and  Nest. We now only have Royal London to go in this stage of the campaign:

Royal London 7th June

Are you a Royal London pension holder? Join in the action on June 7th.

Tweet at 10am on the 7th June – the day of their AGM. Suggested wording below:
• Hello, @RoyalLondon I am a Royal London pension holder and I want to know why your default fund invests in nuclear weapons. It’s illegal under international law! You need to start #InvestingInChange
• Hi @RoyalLondon why are you investing the pensions of hard-working Brits in weapons of mass destruction? When are you going to start #InvestingInChange?
• Did you know that @RoyalLondon invest in companies involved in the production of nuclear weapons? Join me in calling for them to end this immoral investment and start #InvestingInChange

You can also use one of these graphics – option 1, option 2, options 3.

Write to Royal London, expressing your concerns. You’ll find a template letter here.