CND has welcomed today’s parliamentary debate on Trident and the implications of Scottish independence – but has urged all parties to remember that Trident replacement is an economic and strategic issue for the entire UK as well as for Scotland.

‘The Scottish National Party’s long and principled stance against nuclear weapons is admirable and with the independence referendum campaign it has succeeded in pushing Trident up the political and media agenda’ said CND’s General Secretary, Kate Hudson.

‘But it would be wrong for others to act as if this is an issue which only affects the people of Scotland. All parties north and south of the border should be facing up to the economic and strategic arguments which challenge the spending of over £100bn on a weapons system which does nothing to counter the genuine security threats we face.’

‘With swingeing public spending cuts and cross-party dissent deepening over Trident replacement – including the former Head of the Armed Forces and former Defence Secretaries – now is the time for a realistic appraisal of our defence needs and our means.’ ‘The logic which once justified the UK maintaining nuclear weapons is anachronistic. The government’s own National Security Strategy downgraded its relevance. The dogma of deterrence is moribund.’