Joe Biden has been declared the winner of the United States presidential election.

The defeat of Donald Trump is a time for celebration. His four years in office have blighted the lives of millions of his own people, through policies based on hate and multiple forms of discrimination. He has destabilised global politics, trashed treaties that had made us more secure, and given succour to far-right forces. His cavalier disregard for lives lost to the pandemic, and his anti-science, fake news approach to the massive health emergency have shown his unfitness for any public office or responsibility. His production and deployment of ‘useable’ nuclear weapons and his failure to recognise the climate emergency have brought us closer than ever before to catastrophic existential disaster.

What Trump’s defeat means: read CND General Secretary Kate Hudson’s blog for full response

For the past four years, CND has campaigned against his policies and played a crucial part in the Together against Trump coalition. We will now continue our campaign for a safer world, one without nuclear weapons. And we will be working with our US partners to press Biden to fulfill his promises on treaties, climate change, and weapons reductions.

What could the result mean for the next four years?

CND hosted an election special with fantastic guest speakers from the US to discuss its impact on issues such as the US nuclear weapons arsenal, international agreements and conflict. We were joined by guest speakers Phyllis Bennis, Fellow at the Institute of Policy Studies in Washington; Vincent Intondi, author of ‘African Americans Against the Bomb’; and Margaret Kimberley, from the Black Alliance for Peace.

Watch here: