A Times Red Box article in April, authored by Ernest J. Moniz, co-chair and CEO of the Nuclear Threat Initiative and former US secretary of energy under Barack Obama 2013-17 and Lord Browne of Ladyton (Des Browne) former UK defence secretary, 2006-08, said the following:

In an abrupt change of course, the UK government announced it will increase the cap on its nuclear weapon stockpile by 15 per cent from the current level of 225 — and 44 per cent from their plan to reduce to 180 by the mid-2020s — to no more than 260 warheads. This decision represents a significant reversal from the long-standing position in the UK on reducing the number of nuclear weapons while maintaining a minimum deterrent force.

Equally concerning is the decision that the UK will no longer publish details of its operational nuclear stockpile, deployed warheads and deployed missile numbers, a blow to nuclear transparency. The US and Russia both declare the numbers of their deployed strategic warheads and delivery vehicles.’