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CND and supporting organisations are working hard to build the biggest mobilisation against nuclear weapons in a generation. The Stop Trident demo on the 27th February 2016 could well prove to be a vital intervention ahead of the Parliamentary decision on whether to replace Trident, the UK's nuclear weapons system.

Local groups, trades union branches and supporting organisations are putting on local meetings and participating in action days to help raise awareness of both the demonstration and the issue itself. The following pages are intended to support this work by helping people to engage with local and social media.

We will add more information and resources to this media pack as we approach the demo, so please make sure you visit again soon.

Social media

Press releases

Get the word out about your Stop Trident public meetings by sending out a press release. Local newspapers and radio are usually very keen to receive stories.


Social and local media are important resources, but flyering and postered as still the time honoured method for reaching out to new people. Here are some resources to help.

Further help

If you need help customising your press release, using social media, or you have any other media related enquiry, please contact:

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