As NATO states prepare to gather in Vilnius, Lithuania, for their next Summit, peace campaigners from across the globe will gather in Brussels, home to NATO’s HQ, from 7 to 9 July. They will hold a series of events to protest the nuclear-armed bloc’s expansionary military policies and present alternatives for peace, justice and sustainability.

Global Women for Peace United against NATO and the Belgian peace movement are hosting a programme of activities, including hybrid meetings at Pianofabriek – Fortstraat 35, an event at the European Parliament, and a street action in Albertina Square. A full programme can be found here

Events are hybrid so participants can register to join both in person or online. 

CND Vice-Chair Sophie Bolt, who is attending the Brussels events said:

“Women are at the heart of the anti-nuclear movement. We are gathering from around the world to discuss alternatives to militarism and nuclear escalation. From Belarus to Lakenheath in Suffolk, we are seeing the deployment of more nuclear weapons and the modernisation of NATO bases to store the upgraded B61-12 guided nuclear bomb. These are all serious escalations fuelling a new arms race – at the expense of the planet and lasting security for all. We put forward a different vision – and we are taking that message direct to NATO.”