Join the Day of Action on Saturday May 11th!
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US nuclear weapons are coming to Britain. They’re putting us all on the nuclear front line.

Opinion polls show that the majority of the public don’t want the weapons coming here: let’s come together to show the government that these bombs are not welcome.

US nuclear weapons coming to Britain would mean we become a further part of the US war machine, making us all a target in any nuclear war. The UK government can stop this from happening. If we show enough public resistance, we can press them to reject these plans and prevent these terrible weapons from making us a target.

CND has called a Day of Action for Saturday 11 May and we’re asking CND groups and supporters to organise an event or action, wherever you are, across the country. This could be a rally, die-in, public meeting, or anything else you think would make an impact. You may want to arrange an event in your town centre or at a local US military base.

On the day, we’ll be collecting signatures of support for our campaign, from the public, to hand in to 10 Downing Street at a later date – order your hand-in cards here to make sure your area is represented.

How can you get involved?

  • Organise a rally, die-in, public meeting, or other action
  • Let us know your plans (email
  • Find your nearest event
  • Order your materials

Here are some resources to support your work on this campaign:

Support from CND
See the following ways CND can provide support for your day of action, but let us know if there’s anything else you think of!

  • Feel free to use our model press release to contact your local media
  • Contact us if we can help you find a speaker for your meeting, or provide any other support – just ask!
  • Here are some talking points you can use when speaking to your local press outlets


US nuclear weapons were removed from Britain in 2008 following persistent popular protest, led by CND. We stopped these weapons before – will you help us stop them again?