All welcome for CND’s 2021 conference Open Day!


11:00 The UK’s illegal arsenal increase: global impact
As Britain increases its nuclear arsenal by over 40%, what impact will it have? Will it lead to a new arms race? Will it increase the risk of nuclear war?
With: Professor Paul Rogers from the UK; Vijay Prashad from the Tricontinental Institute in India and across the Global South; Colonel Ann Wright from Veterans for Peace in the US; and Ruth Rohde from the Arms Information Centre in Freiburg, Germany.
Chair: Tom Unterrainer

12:30 – 13:45 Lunch

13:45 – 15:00 Britain and the TPNW: time to acknowledge past wrongs
With the TPNW now in force, Britain needs to take a long look at the legacy of its nuclear weapons testing, how it can remediate that, and what it must do to sign up to the TPNW.
With: Talei Luscia Mangioni, a campaigner for a Nuclear-Free and Independent Pacific; Rebecca Johnson, who has worked extensively on the UK and TPNW compliance; and Alan Owen, from Labrats, campaigning with nuclear test veterans.
Chair: Kate Hudson

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