Two years on from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, hundreds of thousands are dead, countless more injured, homes and infrastructure destroyed and millions displaced – and the risk of nuclear war has increased. The impact of the war has gone far beyond Ukraine: the production and distribution of crops, energy and other essentials has been disrupted, causing hardship across continents; militarization has spiraled, with huge amounts of weaponry shipped from the west to Ukraine; a culture of war and nationalism has been emboldened; and peace and anti-war protestors have been vilified, in Russia, Ukraine and world-wide. This war must end. The provocation of NATO expansion must cease. And there must be a just and lasting negotiated settlement, meeting the needs of all peoples.

Join the discussion with our international panel – what can we do to help end this war?

Speakers include Jeremy Corbyn; Yurii Sheliazhenko; Medea Benjamin; Vijay Prashad; Lindsey German; and Tom Unterrainer. Organised by CND and Stop the War.

The event will also be livestreamed on CND’s Facebook page.

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