Another way that the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum communicates the human experience of the bombing of Hiroshima is through its collection of drawings by survivors, which describe the artists’ own experiences of a nuclear attack. The devastation and personal toll on those that survive, often with devastating and life-changing injuries, is clear.

“It hurts! Help!”
This drawing is by  Masako Yoshiyama, who was 13 at the time of the bombing.

Monster Cloud
Eiko Ueda was 10 years old and on the way to school eleven miles from the epicentre of the blast when she saw the mushroom cloud. The sky over the mountain flashed with light, and immediately a cloud so close she felt she could touch it rose into the sky.

Drawing by Torazuchi Matsunaga
“Soldiers from Okayama would carry the corpses of children, one or two at a time, to a temporary crematorium on stretchers. These children had been injured by the bomb and taken to the army hospital for treatment but had soon died. The hands and legs sticking out of the stretcher swung with the motion. My chest suddenly seized with emotion.”



These photos have been kindly donated for use by CND for this specific purpose . We respectfully ask all third parties to refrain from downloading, extracting or using these images in any way without first gaining permission from the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum.