Many faith communities across Britain and around the world oppose nuclear weapons and CND is proud to work alongside them. In a new development, recently the Church of England General Synod passed a motion calling for the UK government to ‘respond positively’ to the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

Global Ban This is a hugely positive step. It signals that the hard work from campaigners like those at Christian CND has helped religious leaders to recognise and denounce the destructive impact of nuclear weapons.

Motions like these fuel national debate and place real pressure on governments to respond to public calls to scrap nuclear weapons. By influencing your religious community, you can help bring about an end to nuclear warfare.

This motion is a great opportunity for all faiths to work within their communities to push for global abolition. Whatever your faith, you too can campaign for an end to nuclear weapons.

Christian CND has come up with some great actions which can work for everyone to help you achieve this.

Faith Can Fuel Global Abolition

Some suggestions for action include:

Write to your religious leader about the motion. You might also want to send a hard copy of the Ban Treaty, which are available free of charge from the CND office.

Write to your other local faith communities telling them about the motion and Ban Treaty. This is a great opportunity to spread the word to other faiths and denominations about the motion adopted by the Church of England, and could even encourage other religious leaders to make similar motions. 

Write to your local representatives on General Synod to welcome the motion. You can find details of your local representatives through your diocesan office.

Talk to members of your congregation or religious group about the motion and the Ban Treaty – encourage them to join CND. If you would like membership forms, these are available free of charge – just let us know.

Organise a meeting locally to gather people of your faith – and others – together to discuss the Ban Treaty. If you would like a Christian CND speaker they can provide one and help with the arrangements if necessary.

For more information on the great work Christian CND is doing, please visit their webpage, or get in touch by phone at: 020 7700 4200.

CND would love to hear from any faith groups taking action for global abolition. Please get in touch by contacting the office at: or 020 7700 2393.