President Donald Trump is banging the drums of war as he ratchets up tensions with Iran. Recent reports that the US had almost launched attacks on Iranian sites, before pulling back, are very alarming. The disputed shooting down of a drone, together with the attacks on tankers in the Gulf of Oman, have all increased the possibility of war. The US claims – without providing evidence – that Iran is responsible for the attacks. Their origin is unknown and while that remains the case, the UK government should desist from apportioning blame to Iran.

We urge all our members and supporters to contact their MPs to help prevent a war. We went into the catastrophic war on Iraq, in 2003, on the basis of false information and this cannot be allowed to happen again.

The origin of the current crisis with Iran lies with Trump’s attempts to trash the Iran Nuclear Deal which had effectively removed any possibility that Iran might develop nuclear weapons.

US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal was a step towards war

President Trump announced US withdrawal last year. The withdrawal,  fresh sanctions and a ramping up of the US military presence in the Middle East, has led to serious doubts about the future of the deal – and of peace in the region.

As tensions increase, it should now be clear to all that the US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal was a prelude to a much bigger confrontation.

Diplomacy is the path to peace

Iranian president Hassan Rouhani has announced that he will halt some of the commitments agreed under the accord, in line with a dispute resolution mechanism included in the deal. He has appealed to the other signatories to make good on their commitments to the deal, to ease the economic difficulties inflicted by US sanctions. If this happens Iran will revert to full compliance.

Kate Hudson, CND general secretary, said:

“The responsibility for the unravelling of the Iran nuclear deal lies at Trump’s door. It began with the US withdrawal last year, at a time when the deal was working and preventing nuclear proliferation.

“With increased economic pressures on Iran, and the recent deployment of US aircraft in the Middle East, it seems tensions are being ratcheted up ready for Trump’s security adviser John Bolton to make the case for a new war. It is essential that the other signatories step up to the plate and meet their financial commitments to the deal. They must not allow Trump to bully them into the destruction of a crucial diplomatic achievement.

“Because of Trump’s actions the world is a more dangerous place. He’s withdrawn from the Iran nuclear deal, he’s withdrawn from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, and more recently the Arms Trade Treaty.

Hudson continued, “The US President’s trashing of the international rules-based system is a great danger to world security. It’s crucial that the UK government works for a peaceful solution to the current crisis. War with Iran would be catastrophic.”