NPT Review Conference 2015

An international conference to discuss global disarmament progress came to a close at the United Nations in New York in May, with no agreement. CND attended, to put pressure on states to make concrete commitments.

The conference is held every five years to review the nuclear non-proliferation treaty (NPT), which 190 states have signed (the most recent being Palestine). The treaty commits its signatories to either not develop nuclear weapons if they haven’t already, or to work towards disarmament if they do possess them. The UK is one of only eight or possibly nine states that actually have nuclear weapons – the rest of the world realises that their safety does not depend on owning weapons of mass destruction.

The 2010 NPT conference’s final document called on the nuclear weapon states to ‘undertake further efforts to reduce and ultimately eliminate all types of nuclear weapons’. But this time round, no agreement was possible.

Read CND’s blog on the outcome of the conference.

Ahead of the discussions, CND participated in campaigning organisation Peace and Planet’s protest events, which included a mass demonstration and a conference.

CND also hosted a side meeting at the UN to discuss what our Scrap Trident campaign here in the UK means for international disarmament.

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