For Heaven’s Sake: Examining the UK’s Militarisation of Space

‘For Heaven’s Sake: Examining the UK’s Militarisation of Space’, jointly published by Drone Wars and CND, is the latest publication in Drone Wars UK’s ‘Future Wars’ project which scrutinises the development and use of novel military technologies, particularly by the UK government.
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Space above Earth

Keep Space for Peace

The militarisation of space is an increasing concern for peace activists, not least following former US President Donald Trump’s creation of a Space Force. Billions of pounds are being spent by multiple countries on militarising space – on satellites, ground-based stations and new technologies such as armed drones, controlled through satellites. Warfare has become almost totally dependent on space technology.
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A Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) interceptor missile is launched from the Pacific Missile Range Facility off the island of Kauai, Hawaii, during an intercept test, June 28, 2010.

Missile Defence

The United States Missile Defence system – now integrated with the NATO Ballistic Missile Defence network - is making the world a more dangerous place by leading us into a new arms race. Find out more in this briefing.
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Lifting the Lid on Menwith Hill

This Yorkshire CND report highlights the rapid growth of the US Spy Base, Menwith Hill, over the last decade and its widening role in new forms of intelligence-led warfare.
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