Cillian Murphy as Robert Oppenheimer. Credit Universal
Have you seen Oppenheimer yet?

Have you been to see Oppenheimer, and come out of the cinema wanting to do something to end nuclear...

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Wages not Weapons: scrap Britain’s nukes

The government announced more military spending in the 2023 budget. Instead of wasting money on weapons, the government should...

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No nuclear war: end the conflict in Ukraine

The increasing risk of nuclear war threatens us all. There is no way to be prepared for a nuclear...

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News  /  29 Sep 2023
CND mourns the loss of Pat Arrowsmith

It is with great sadness that CND announces the death of Pat Arrowsmith, one...

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Kate Hudson's Blog  /  7 Sep 2023
DSEI: merchants of death

This year has seen a bonanza for military spending. Sunak’s government is sticking to...

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Event on 5 Oct 2023
Yorkshire CND presents: catbandcat and friends

Come enjoy a night of great music for a good cause! This will also be

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CND x Katharine Hamnett Ceasefire Tee

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