Front of Palestine march on 28 October 2023
Ceasefire now! – Take action for Palestine

As the humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza continues, CND condemns all killing of civilians and calls for the upholding of...

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Wages not Weapons: scrap Britain’s nukes

The government announced more military spending in the 2023 budget. Instead of wasting money on weapons, the government should...

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No nuclear war: end the conflict in Ukraine

Two years on from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the war has killed hundreds of thousands of people, and has...

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A trident missile spins out of control
News  /  21 Feb 2024
‘Stop the waste’: another Trident test failure for Britain’s nuclear fleet

Defence Secretary Grant Shapps joined the crew of HMS Vanguard last month to observe...

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Kate Hudson's Blog  /  15 Feb 2024
Amnesty calls for immediate release of Boris Kagarlitsky

Russian anti-war campaigner Boris Kagarlitsky, who was due to speak at our online rally...

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Event on 26 Feb 2024
‘Lakenheath: its role in the US war machine’ – CND webinar

US nuclear weapons are coming back to Britain, putting us on the nuclear front line

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