Nuclear ban: poll shows majority want UK to sign treaty

Polling commissioned by CND shows the majority of the British public support a total global ban on nuclear weapons...

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Creating Nuclear Ban Communities

Can your town become a Nuclear Ban Community? The United Nations adopted the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear...

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Become a member

CND provides a voice for the millions of people who want a world without nuclear weapons. Please join us...

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News  /  8 Feb 2021
Trident replacement will not be postponed

CND comments on Defence Secretary Ben Wallace’s insistence that Trident replacement will not be...

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Kate Hudson's Blog  /  2 Feb 2021
‘Glimmers of hope’ say Atomic Scientists

I awaited this year’s Doomsday Clock announcement with real interest and not a little...

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Event on 25 Feb 2021
Zero Carbon – Why NOT Nuclear: Salisbury CND webinar

An opportunity to hear two key researchers from Sussex University speak about their evidence that

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Climate Not Trident T-Shirt

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